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I believe in Liberating Lifestyles with…

Energizing Results

The AIM-System™; a Simple 3-Step Life-Changing Experience For In-Demand Professionals

Get Back Your Family Mojo

Double Your Financial Security, and Live in Abundance in all areas of Your Life

Without Feeling Guilty or Constantly Questioning Yourself.

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Over 15,000 Two-Hour Sessions Successfully Delivered Worldwide
CEO at Liberating Lifestyles
Founder of The AIM-System™

You are a high achiever… 

…with ambition and dedication. You know it. You've always known it. It's time the world knows it so you can feel more comfortable in your skin in public?

You know deep in your bones you were meant for more, yet you’re afraid you’re not good enough and increasingly feel you're at the edge of burning out but how to avoid that, right?

You find yourself wondering "Is there more to my life than wanting to be the best and climbing the career ladder as fast as possible?"

You are on the cusp of greatness - yet the scars of your past have you second-guessing yourself.

Or you, you're the Very Important Partner - the VIP …

…of such a high achiever and you know what it's like wanting to stop putting yourself at the end of your priority list or having the feeling of falling behind.

You’ve heard too often something along the lines “Oh, you’re the spouse of Dr. Such-and-such, nice to meet you, …too!” And you flinch, but politely smile.

You feel you're overshadowed by your partner and ask yourself: "How do I stand out?"

You both worry people won’t like “the real” you. You wonder if you’re even qualified to become known, visible, or stand out in your industry or in your career from home.

I hear you! I knew I was meant for more and I didn't believe in certainty. Uncertainty - better known as chaos - was my life. All I ever wanted was to have answers to 3 simple questions:
Who am I?
What do I love to do?
Why am I here?

I've been there too. That’s over now! And so can you…

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Hi, I’m Uwe Dockhorn…

…and I’m known as a Lifestyle Liberator for high achievers and I believe in freedom and inner certainty that shows up in your business financially and emotionally in your relationships.

Your mission is to…

Get Back Your Family Mojo,
Double Your Financial Security, And Live In Abundance In All Areas Of Your Life

Without Feeling Guilty Or Constantly Questioning Yourself.

Together we call on your courage, bust through fear, discover Your One Million Dollar Sentence™, and turn Burnout into Brilliance so you can triple your income and impact while being paid for your Brilliance and be doing what you truly love.

I now give you permission to do the same.

It’s because of my own journey that I know I’m called to challenge you to your higher self, stretch you, leave uncertainty behind, and revitalize your energy and liberate your family life so you can achieve success with higher standards without even scarring your children.

It’s your time.

I believe in YOUR Energizing Results! Let's talk…

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Work With Me and Activate 

Your Liberating Lifestyle


1:1 Premium Coaching Program about Mental and Emotional Health, Career, Family, and Relationships
Amplified In All the 7 Areas of Your Life:
Spiritual, Intellectual, Psychological, Social, Professional, Recreational, Physical


This is for you when you answer at least one of the following questions with yes:

  • Did/do you feel depressed and stressed out?
  • Did/do you feel tired and exhausted all the time?
  • Did/do you move easily to anger and irritation with those you interact with (including your children and spouse or partner)?
  • Did/do you feel like nothing you do at home or work makes a difference or is appreciated?
  • Did/do you experience frequent headaches, neck pain, and muscle soreness?
  • Were/are you growing more dependent on food, pills, chocolate, and wine to help you feel better?
  • Did/do you feel detached from family and friends (especially the people you live with)?
  • Did/do you have a negative outlook on life?

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Tara Gesling (USA) - FDN-P, CINC, AADP - Functional Nutrition Practitioner

I recently had the opportunity to work with Uwe Dockhorn through one of his business coaching programs. For many years I had wanted to accelerate my business, but there was always something holding me back… I had an idea of what it might be, but hadn’t been able to fully change it at the deepest levels.

I’m so glad I met and took the time to work with Uwe, because he was able to help me discover and confirm what was holding me back and then process it in a way that no one else has. He walked me through his process, step by step. It was very effective and I always felt comfortable. I am happy to say that I am now beginning to experience a re-set and an expansion in my business. It couldn’t have come at a better time!

Thank you Uwe, you have a gift that will help so many. I will definitely recommend you and your program to others!

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Dr. Werner Krings (Germany) – Author, International Keynote Speaker & Thought Leader in B2B-Business Excellence

Mr. Uwe Dockhorn is an Executive Coach and Lifestyle Liberator, whose approach has a substantial impact on the personal and business life of his clients. I was very impressed with what thought-provoking and enthusiasm, keen insights Uwe can deliver within a short time. 

His differentiator is to provide cutting-edge advice in his liberating lifestyle analysis for private and business clients, for example, the Meditech environment. Mr. Dockhorn develops leaders towards overcoming any road-blocks towards a balance of business and personal objectives. Thereby, he applies a comprehensive, iterative discovery process identifying specific root causes for particular behaviors and reconnecting clients to their inner core to adjust them to their targeted ultimate objective in the here and now.

I can heartily recommend Uwe to a variety of personal and business clients since he brings coaching fundaments like credibility, trust, and analytical listening skills coupled with innovative models, and solid business understanding resulting in fast and sustainable changes.

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